Find Your Purpose

August 14, 2019

Discern what your work is in the world.

This isn’t about finding your ideal ‘job’, it’s about discerning who you’re here to be and how you’re meant to contribute.

Your purpose in this life. Everyone has one and yours has been hardcoded into you since before you were born. You’ve spent your entire life being shaped in very unique ways because of it. Your work is important, no matter it’s theme or focus, size or scale. Dig in and do the work to uncover it.

Do not fear or resist what you’re called to do.

Don’t do the work to uncover your purpose and then spend the rest of your life in resistance to living it out.

You were born for this. You’ve been wired and shaped and groomed by life for this very thing. It’s what you’ve been seeking, where you’ll find true fulfillment and joy. Lean into it fully. Commit wholeheartedly. Give it everything you have to give. Stop waiting. Stop staying small out of fear. The world needs you to show up.

Don’t concern yourself with the outcome.

What people think of you or how you succeed and fail along the way to living out your truth and doing your work in the world DOESN’T MATTER.

How many likes or followers or praise and accolades you get DOESN’T MATTER. Whether you’re the one to innovate and create the changes you want to see—or your life and work is simply meant to inch this mission forward for someone else to complete in another lifetime—DOESN’T MATTER. I know it feels like it does, but it doesn’t. What matters is that you show up and focus on what’s in front of you, what’s being asked of you, what’s needed from you.

Give yourself over to it fully.

Surrender to the unfolding that is living out your legacy.

Trust yourself, your truth, and the process. Never stop leaning into growth and learning. You can’t discover your true potential or live life fully actualized if you settle into comfortable ruts and routines. You are meant to grow, continually. Your purpose is meant to expand as you do, endlessly. Give yourself over to it fully and find out what you’re capable of creating in the span of this one life you’re living.

Not many people do this work.

And even if they start, they stall out when it gets scary or uncomfortable. When their purpose asks them to push their edges and become more than they feel they’re capable of becoming.

Do the work and surrender to the unfolding.

I promise it’s far more fulfilling to live out your truth than staying where you are now, even if you feel safe, secure, and successful.

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