Getting in Shape with P90X!

July 7, 2010

One day while I was cleaning I decided to turn on the TV to make it less awful. There wasn’t much on, but while flipping channels I came across the P90X infomercial. Having never watched one before, and not having many other options, I left it on… and I never got off the couch! I was totally hooked on watching the testimonials and seeing the before and after photos! It’s amazing! I’ve heard really great things about it and always thought to myself, “someday I’d like to do it!” It wasn’t until watching the infomercial that I realized it’s LESS THAN my gym membership each month! I was sold. Especially after YouTubing some success stories!

The only catch is that you do need equipment, whether you choose to use resistance bands or buy weights and a pull up bar. I really wanted to use weights because I felt like that would make me stronger (I have no science to back that up). That in mind, I started my hunt to find P90X for much cheaper than the cost of buying it new from Beachbody. I found several people selling theirs on craigslist and ended up buying a BRAND NEW P90X for only $80! I was stoked! That’s about the cost of buying it off Amazon from the “used and new” seller’s section but I didn’t have to pay shipping or wait for it. Craigslist proved to be less helpful at finding weights and a pull up bar, but a trip to Walmart revealed some great deals!

The boyfriend and I purchased a couple of the vinyl dumbbell sets they had for only $23! It includes two dumbbell bars and plates for up to 20lbs on each. That’s a steal! Because we don’t have moldings on our doors, we weren’t sure if we’d be able to get a pull up bar for use… but lucky us, Walmart had just the thing! This pull up bar bolts into the frame of the door way… we’re going to order it online since it’s HALF PRICE that way.

Because I was super excited, I started without the pull up bar. Let me tell you, this program really is intense and I’m only on day 2! I’ll be giving updates as I go with the hopes of helping others decide if it’s the right solution for them.

Day 1: Chest/Back and Ab Ripper X
Because I didn’t have a pull up bar, I mostly did push ups and the few weighted exercises. There are a LOT of push ups! I did my best and went until I burned, but I think I could go harder. Next week I’m going to aim to fail (where the muscles simply CAN’T do another) try resting a bit and then see if I can do another one or two. For the most part, I really feel I maxed myself out and I am SORE today! The Abs portion really was tough and I couldn’t get 25 in for each because I’m just not that advanced! Today my obliques are sore in places I didn’t even know they reached!

Day 2: Plyometrics
According to Tony Horton, this is the “mother of all P90X workouts” and boy was it intense! There is endless jumping to and fro, in the air, touch the ground, squat, shuffle forward, backward, run, tire jump and do it all again and again! The great thing is that the workouts are mixed up, so you’re not doing a few moves over and over. Some moves continue throughout but are expanded upon which is nice. By the end, I could barely lift my legs let alone jump in the air! And some moves I couldn’t even do properly because I’m not strong enough yet. But that will come, and that’s the exciting part 🙂 I really pushed myself in this one and I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow!

Diet is a big part of the P90X program as it is for anyone trying to get in shape. 80% is what you eat. I’m still eating vegan and stay away from sugar and processed foods, but I do have sweets (agave mostly). Time to cut that out! In order to get lean and see great results it’s what I have to do. So once I finish the cookie from last night’s dinner… no more! 😉

Before photos will be shown next to 30/60/90 day photos.

Have you ever been curious about trying P90X? What holds you back?

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