Grateful and Heartbroken

November 26, 2019

Can you be both grateful for AND heartbroken by something at the same time?

The short answer: yes, you can.

The slightly longer answer: yes, you can, even if people try to guilt-trip you into believing that you’re not being grateful for something because you’re also feeling heartbroken… or angry… or frustrated… or sad.

You have the right to feel how you feel.

All of it. All at once. All together.

Life is a mess of duality. One experience or emotion doesn’t negate another… and the more you allow yourself to feel ALL that you’re feeling ALL AT ONCE, the greater your capacity becomes for all the good in this life. The more you’re able to hold the complexity of experience… of being human… of living, loving, and losing.

Whatever you’re feeling, no matter how contradictory it all feels, is perfectly okay and normal.

Let it flow.

All of it. All at once. All together.

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