Grief and Trauma Alter Us

October 6, 2018

Grief and trauma alter us.
They takes pieces of who we are.
They shift the ground beneath our feet.

And yet, if we let them, they give us a beautiful opportunity to crack wide open. To be raw and real and all things honest. To dive into the parts that hurt and hollow our hearts, all so that we can heal in ways we didn’t know we needed to. All so we can uncover the truth of who we’re here to be in this life, so we can learn how important it is to step into that as fully as possible while we’re still alive.

The little parts that are still “broken,” they remind me that there’s still more healing work to do. How I’m still mending in places that are easy to neglect and tuck away. That there are still spaces inside my soul I haven’t looked at deeply enough. Truths I haven’t been willing to face into. And some things… they’re just never the same as they were before, and that’s okay too.

But for those parts of my heart that still need a little tender love and nurturing… the parts that are still holding onto the trauma and the loss… they contain wisdom and insights that will only guide me further into truth and purpose and the kind of joy that lifts your life, work, and relationships to unbelievable heights.

This is why I continually do “the work.”
Why I continually face into all that is hard and heartbreaking.
Why I write and cry and tell the truth to those who love me.

Healing isn’t always easy. Sometimes it hurts more than the thing that broke you in the first place. But it’s some of the most beautiful, amazing, and life-changing work we’ll ever do. It brings us home to ourselves in ways we can never reach otherwise.


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