Growth and Outgrowing

November 27, 2019

With growth comes outgrowing… not always, but often.⁣

And sometimes that means releasing everything and everyone you’ve known and loved so far.  ⁣

I’m not going to lie… these are some of the hardest, most heartbreaking choices you’ll ever have to make. To let go of the hands that held you, the places and spaces that shaped you over the years. ⁣

But the alternative can be even harder… choosing to stay stuck, stay small, stay the same. Desperately trying to fit into other people’s expectations of who you should be, based on who you once where… even when you’re obviously unable to be that person anymore. ⁣

After we walk through challenging chapters and big life transitions, nothing’s ever the same. You think differently, speak differently, breathe differently… the way you’re BEING in the world is completely altered.⁣

But that doesn’t make it bad. Sad maybe, but not wrong.⁣

It’s part of the journey.⁣

Of loving and losing.⁣
Of living and letting go.⁣
Of stepping into who you’re here to be.⁣


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