Guarding My Mindset is Essential

December 15, 2020

I’ve been working incredibly hard to guard my mindset lately.

Reading everything I can to keep myself in the right frame of mind. Refusing to share my decisions and goals with anyone who won’t hear them without projecting fear onto me. Waiting to have those conversations at all until I’m fully rooted in what I’m doing and why. Telling the ones closest to me that they’re not allowed to doubt me or my choices out loud. They’re not allowed to share their fears and limiting beliefs around what’s possible and what’s not, even if they’re talking about it in relation to themselves.

I simply have no space for it.

Not with what I’m working to do.⁣
Not with the risks I’m choosing to take.⁣
Not with the immensity of the changes that are coming.

When we make big life changes and begin taking risks in favor of what we deeply desire, we have to be extremely boundaried. We have to hold it all close to our hearts because we’re already battling against our own fears, doubts, and subconscious stoppers. We’re already working so hard to feel solid in what we’re doing, letting go of any and all wobbles.

I believe in myself.⁣
I’m willing to test my limits.⁣
I’m actively choosing faith over fear.⁣
I trust in my ability to navigate whatever comes.

And I simply won’t give space to anything else.
Not even from the people I love and trust the most.


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