Have a Conversation with Yourself

April 1, 2019

Life is an endless series of requests and promises. An ongoing conversation that either moves you forward towards what you desire or envision for yourself, or keeps you small and stagnant (“comfortable” as we like to call it). There are many conversations we’ll have throughout this life, but the one we have with ourselves is the most important of all.⁣

You can change the entirety of your life, relationships, and work if you understand the simple power of this process. If you’re willing and able to change the types of conversations you’re engaging in, and you’re able to stop assigning meaning from the past to what’s happening in the present. With everyone and everything in your life, especially yourself. ⁣

The most important conversation you can choose to have with yourself is this one:⁣⁣

What do I want?⁣


And what am I willing to do to get it?⁣


Rinse and repeat.

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