How To Do Hard Things

February 22, 2021

You do hard things by doing them.

Completely terrified, absolutely uncertain, and filled with fear more often than not. But there’s no other way, no magic pill, no shortcut or way to bypass the challenging parts.

You just do them.⁣

One frightful step at a time.

Your habitual thoughts and deeply rooted beliefs make or break you here. Because even if you’re taking action to do the hard things, if you’re internally wobbly and far from steadfast in your faith, you’re more likely to fail. You’ll self-sabotage, fall short, or miss the mark completely.

But when you’re able to energize faith, believe wholeheartedly in your abilities, and take total authority over what’s possible for your life… that’s when success becomes inevitable. When the world reorganizes around you, creating a path for what you want to come into fruition (and rapidly!)

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