When Life Pulls the Rug Out From Under You

February 24, 2021

Coming to terms with reality is hard when life pulls the rug out from under you.

But what’s even more challenging is learning how to navigate this new experience you’re suddenly standing inside of, walking down a path you never thought you’d have to navigate or consider.

Once the state of shock wears off, you start to recognize how you’ve been forever changed—how you can’t go back to the person you used to be. To the hopes you used to have or the life you used to love.

You start to notice the pieces of yourself that have gone missing because suddenly, there are things that seem impossible and overwhelming, even if you’ve done them a thousand times before. Suddenly, day to day life feels like a slog, the normalcy endlessly jarring your nervous system.

But as you begin to accept that things will never be what they once were—that you can never go back to who you were before—you begin to find your footing in new and different ways. Rebuilding the foundation of your life where you’re able and forming an entirely new one in places where there’s nothing left to salvage or reclaim.

You begin to find delight in the little things.⁣
Settle into peace where there used to be frustration.⁣
And there’s more ease in your life, even if it’s still not easy.

It’s then that you begin to uncover the hidden joy of rediscovering yourself once again. You get to come alive in brand new ways and experience the world from a different perspective. You get to step into the person you’re meant to become in the aftermath of everything you’ve lived through.

It’s not easy… and it may always break your heart a little bit more every time you take a step forward.⁣ But it’s still beautiful and meaningful and filled with joy. It’s still worth leaning into.

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