How to Jumpstart Your Positive Mindset

May 17, 2020

It’s kind of hard to stay immune to the world right now, isn’t it?

If you’re finding yourself struggling to stay on top of your game, you’re not alone.

While I’m not the one who’s going to tell you to ignore everything that’s going on, I want to remind you what positivity is all about: hope, optimism and knowing that in the end, everything’s going to be all right.

With that being said, here’s how to jumpstart your positive mindset and find some glimmers of hope even when there seems to be none!

Acknowledge your feelings.

Trying to suppress whatever you’re feeling is only going to make you feel even more hopeless. Been there, done that!

It’s okay if right now, you’re angry, frustrated, disappointed, and anxious… as well as just plain confused! However, you want to work on moving all of that out.

Express your feelings the right way:

Grab a piece of paper and start writing. Don’t overthink what you say or how you say it – just put down everything that’s going through your head on paper. (Yes, use real paper!)

All of your fears, doubts, and every little thing that keeps you up at night. Pour your soul out there. Keep on writing until you feel relieved.

This exercise may seem simply, but trust me, it works like a charm every single time!

Take back control.

I’ll admit, we don’t have control over a lot of things right now. And I know that mere thought can be enough to make your heart beat just a tiny bit faster. (Hello, type A friends!)

Every time thoughts like that try to hijack your mind, remind yourself that:

  • You still control *some* aspects of your life
  • You *always* control your mindset  

Basically, you’re taking back control. Instead of thinking of all the things you can’t control, change the way you think.  

What can you control right now?

What can you do to make the future a little bit more certain?

How can youadapt to this whole new world?

Answering those questions won’t be easy, but even a heavy-duty task like that is easier than worrying and doing nothing about it.

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From hopeless to hopeful.

The most powerful mindset switch you can make is to go from hopeless to hopeful.

Now, I’m aware that’s easier said than done.

During difficult times, it’s easy to get lost in a whirlwind of negativity, which clouds your judgment and throws you even further into despair. 

Let me give you a quick exercise you can do right now to boost morale.

Write down every single challenge you’ve overcome in your life. Yup, every single one. No obstacle is too small – even getting out of bed on a bad day counts as a victory!

Keep going until you write down at least 50 achievements you’re really proud of.

The goal is simple: to get some proof in front of yourself and remind yourself that you can do hard things! (Even when you think you can’t!)

If you could succeed that many times, what makes you think you can’t do it again?! 😉

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Tell me, how do you nurture your positive mindset?

What do you do to stay happy – and motivated? Share with me in the comments and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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