I Found Myself in This Forest Last Summer

June 4, 2021

I found myself in this forest last summer.

Sleeping under the stars or through the thunderstorms, strolling through the trees on the most stunning of hikes, and resting next to campfires as creek water raced by.

I let things go, grieved losses, and learned to really be with my deepest wounds. I laughed and cried and had deep talks. I wrote and created, dreamed and schemed. And I claimed what I wanted for my life. Right here. Right in these spots.

Settling in after many months away felt like coming home.

My whole nervous system relaxed, and I felt all the joy of my time and experiences here flood back in.

I found myself in this forest, and I made choices that led me to lose myself again. But it feels good to be here now, in a similar yet wildly different heart-space. Some places are so potent, reflecting to us how much we’ve grown.

I love who I’m becoming and where I’m heading, and this forest has my heart.

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