I’m Just… GOOD

March 8, 2018

“I think I’m just… good?”

This has been my response lately when people ask how I am. It’s half statement, half a question of, “are you sure that’s allowed considering all the things happening that could be very upsetting?

The things that hurt my heart.
The times support fell through like whoa.
The insanely graceful way I thought I broke my leg.
The bumps and transitions and stress and strain.
The upper limiting like a MOFO.

I’ve talked before about how I used to find comfort in the chaos. Despite the hurt and the heartache, I KNEW how to be broken and struggling and in pain. I knew how to suffer and I knew it well. I could operate in life from that place with a certain level of ease.

And now?

All the things are happening and…

I’m okay.
I’m happy.
I’m whole.
I’m still moving.
I’m still growing.
I’m fully supported.
I’m making it all happen.

I’m just… GOOD.
Really, really good.

Because I’ve made the choice to be.

I’ve made the choice to STOP engaging in old stories and beliefs and patterns. To know that hard and challenging things happen in life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be okay or good or even—*gasp*—GREAT. To stop entertaining the old parts of me that want to FREAK OUT, and instead focus on facing forward while continually making the choice to step into what’s next. To BE the person I want to be NOW, despite all the things happening around me.

Life doesn’t happen “to” us… it happens around us.
For us. Because of us. Despite of us.

Life happens.

And man does that suck sometimes. But we get to choose how to engage with it. How to respond and react to it. How to grow or change because of it. We get to choose what meaning to give the things that happen. To take back our power and create magic from the messes.

I have my moments (see Tuesday’s post 😭).
But they’re just that… passing moments.

I’m just good, you guys.
Really, really good.

You can be too. It’s a choice.
And choice is everything. 💕

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