Intention Is Key

October 26, 2020

Are you taking intention with you?

You may want to do something so badly.
You may have dreamt about it for many years.
You may have even planned about how you’re going to do it!

But nothing happens unless you wake up one day and DECIDE—really, truly decide—that you’re going to do it. That it’s happening, no matter what.

I’ve tried making many of my biggest dreams come true.
I’ve succeeded with some and failed with others.

Looking back, every time I hadn’t taken intention with me to REALLY make it happen… nothing happened. It was all wishful thinking and heaps of hope. I thought if I wanted it badly enough, it would eventually happen, but never really put in the discipline or dedication necessary.

Making the impossible happen requires intention.

Acting in expectation of what you want.
Living in alignment with who you need to be to have it.
Every moment of every single day.


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