Leaving Behind The Familiar

October 2, 2020

Biologically, we’re born with a desire to belong.
The yearning to “fit in” is a massive part of being human.

It’s our survival instinct at play.

The first-ever skill you learn: stick to the group, and you’ll be safe. Don’t do anything to be ostracized from the family, or you likely won’t survive. Our ability to live and thrive or stay safe and secure quite literally depended on whether or not we had other humans around us.

Nowadays, things have changed.

While we’re still dependent on other humans to live, we don’t have to stick with the community we’re born into to survive. We have choices, options, and alternative paths. And these days, to live your best life and become who you’re here to be, sometimes you actually need to leave behind the group you’ve been with… especially when you know you no longer belong there, or that the dynamic is stifling your ability to heal and grow.

Stand up for yourself.
Walk your own path.
Go on your own journey.
Find who you truly are.
Uncover what you’re here to do.

This isn’t to say that to become who you’re here to be, you have to leave behind all that’s known and familiar. But sometimes it does. Usually, the communities, family systems, and groups we find ourselves in have a ceiling. A limit to what is acceptable, desired, or tolerably to the majority. And if we hit that ceiling, we sometimes have to choose to move on.

But it doesn’t mean we don’t belong anywhere.
It just means we’re ready to find our new community.
One that’s aligned with who we are and who we’re becoming.


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