Let Them Go

August 31, 2020

Thank them and let them go.

In life, we meet all sorts of people.
Some of them have the privilege of staying.
And some of them end up leaving.

The challenging part is, we can’t decide who stays and who goes, because it’s not always up to us.

If you have someone who’s stayed with you through thick and thin… thank them, love them, and hold them close. If you have someone who wants to leave or has already left… thank them… twice.

Thank them for being part of your life. For all the good, the memories, and the experiences you shared. For the gifts they’ve given and the ways they’ve helped you grow (through the good and the bad).

Then thank them for being honest enough to leave.

And then, let them go.

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt your soul or break your heart. Feel your feelings fully, but release them nonetheless. And remember, you’re now one step closer to all the people who will be able and willing to stay.


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