Life is a Series of Tiny Deaths and Rebirths

January 6, 2019

Life is a series of tiny deaths and rebirths.

Over and over and over again.

But only when we’re willing and committed to growth. Only when we’re open to true change and lasting transformation. Only if we’re able to let go of what must be released in order to step into what comes next. If we’re willing to surrender to the flow of life, as well as open to the idea that truth isn’t just subjective, but ever evolving.

Death is the most feared card in the Tarot deck, but I always smile when I pull it. Because to me, death isn’t something to be feared… it simply means change and transformation. Releasing what was and stepping into what comes next.

To be expected.

That doesn’t mean it’s without heartache and challenges. But it can be experienced with far more grace and ease when we remember that it’s just a part of living this life. It’s a part of being human. Living, loving, losing, and letting go.

Stepping into who I’m here to be and the work I’m here to do has required thousands of deaths and rebirths over the last several years. Both big and small, gentle and gut-wrenching. And it will ask so many more of me as I continue to move forward.

Life is a series of tiny deaths and rebirths.
Over and over and over again.

And we must learn to embrace death and rebirth, as many times as it takes (because as Hiba Fatima Ahmad writes, “how can you rise if you have not burned?”)

We must learn to live inside the layers of this life (because things are not as ‘simple’ and ‘straightforward’ as we’d like to believe, there is far more at play than meets the eye).

We must learn to feel our feelings all the way past the point we’re certain they might consume us (because that’s where true transformation, peace, joy, and growth are found).

We must learn to hold both the magic and the madness that comes with living this life (because there’s room for both, and growing our capacity to hold all sides and experiences at the same time is what allows life to be far richer and more fulfilling).

We must learn to trust ourselves above all else, because no one else knows what’s best for you (and no one outside of you can teach you what it means to have trust and faith, what your purpose is, and who you’re here to be—no one).

We must learn to release… to let go… and to say goodbye (to the hands that held us, as well as the ways of being that no longer serve us).

But only when we’re willing and committed to growth.

I know I am.
Are you?

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