My Wish for You

June 29, 2015

May you be brave enough to lean in and see what unfolds. To trust that things are going exactly as they should, and moving at exactly the right pace. To forgive those who hurt you, and send love and peace to the ones you’ve hurt. To fall in love with faith and find comfort in complete surrender. To relax into the flow and allow yourself to experience all life has to offer.

May you be brave enough to get vulnerable and lay it all on the table. So that someone can truly see you and meet you where you’re at. So that you can love, and be loved, as deeply as is humanly possible. So you can know, and be known, more fully than you could ever imagine. So that you leave nothing unsaid, and let those around you know how you truly feel.

May you be willing to trust yourself and your intuition completely. Even when everyone tells you to take another path or do something different. Even when it doesn’t make sense or is asking you to walk away from the people and things you’ve settled in comfortably with. Even when it’s scary. Even when it’s challenging. Even when — especially when — it’s hard.

May you be ready to lose your way from time to time, so that you can home to yourself more fully than ever before. So that you can peel away the layers that no longer serve you. May you be willing to let life and love and loss crack you open, time and time again. No matter how much it hurts and brings you to your knees. No matter how hard the wind gets knocked out of you.

May you be open to saying HELL YES to life, and to show up for each and every moment as fully as is possible. To regain your sense of childlike wonder and enthusiasm for adventure. To stare at the stars in awe and to see the magic in the mundane. May you live with gratitude and appreciation for every single moment that you get to be alive in this world.

This is my wish for you.

Because it’s easy to lose our way and settle into the day to day.

It’s easy to let the time slip by without a second thought. It’s easy to settle for less than what we desire or deserve, and to hide behind comfort. It’s easy to sit back and let life happen TO us, rather than giving it everything we have and going after exactly what we want.

It’s easy to let life kick you around and bring you down. Too easy. This living stuff is hard and challenging. It’s downright exhausting. But it’s also a beautiful blessing, filled with amazing people and so many opportunities to learn and grow.

May you be willing to see the miracles this week.

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