No One Talks About Being Nice to Ourselves

March 11, 2020

Do you feel incredibly uncomfortable every time you have to say NO? If you do, then it might be time to drop the belief that saying NO makes you a bad person.

We’ve been taught for years to be nice to others… agreeing with everyone and everything that comes our way seems to be one common aspect of ‘being nice’. But no one said a word about being nice to ourselves first. Weird, huh?

So as of today, prioritize yourself.

Set some clear boundaries.
Communicate your expectations out loud.
Claim your wants and needs.
Know what you’re willing and not willing to compromise on. 

Once you do all of that, then leave the rest to your body and trust your gut. They’ll signal you every time you have to – politely! – say NO to something that’s not meant for you. When a boundary has been crossed or you’re desiring something different.

A tug in your stomach. some tightness in your chest, a sense of tension and resistance… the signals are there, you just need learn how to read them. And more importantly, honor them.

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