Actualize Module


Once we’re clear on our purpose and how it desires expression, we have to actualize it through a very specific type of action that goes against much of what we’ve been taught about manifestation and goal achievement. Actualize means, “to make real.” In our context, that means taking your purpose from an idea and grand vision to “work towards,” and making it a reality in your life, right now. Collapsing time and no longer waiting on external circumstances to change before you can access the opportunities, experiences, and influence you desire.

In this module, you’ll move through five conversations, workshops, and experiences that will allow you to actualize your purpose and full potential without fear, pressure, or self-sabotage , including:

  • Creating Context to Support Your Calling
  • Your Way of Being Blueprint for Living Your Purpose
  • Reconfigure the Universe Around You
  • Accelerate Your Actualization by Collapsing Time
  • Build Your Legacy Projects (Business, Life, and More)

Align calls will take place Monday, October 10th through Friday, October 14th (times vary each day between 1pm EDT and 5:30pm EDT). There will be additional office hours for laser one-on-one coaching on Monday, October 17th, plus a group process on Wednesday, October 19th, both at 5:30pm EDT.

Price after the program starts: $333 for each modules, full program for $777.