Pushing Edges and My First Time Dirt Biking

July 10, 2021

Last week a new friend asked me if I had plans for early Saturday morning.

“Sleeping,” I replied. “Unless you have a fun invitation.”

And did he ever!

He took me dirt biking for the first time.

It was absolutely amazing and the most fun ever.

I talked a little bit about my mind/body connection issues in my post on starting to mountain bike, so I was nervous learning how to shift, brake, accelerate, and remember everything else in case I got into trouble.

But my friend was the most kind and patient human ever, reminding me that there was no rush and I could just take it slowly until I felt comfortable.

So, I did. But it didn’t take me too long to get moving around!

I did freeze at the top of a hill, briefly.

*Hill not pictured here, lol.

As I’ve gotten older—really in the last year or so—I’ve had mild experiences of vertigo on steep declines and some cliff edges. It’s this sensation that I’m slipping, sliding, and going to lose control, and I hate it.

So I sat at the top of the hill and had him walk me through some basic things again.

“You got this,” he said with a smile.

I just laughed and stared some more. ????

“Or we can go back if you want?”

“I can do hard things,” I finally exhaled, and then I let go of the brake and cruised on down, all the way up the next hill like a wanna-be-pro.

We’re having a heatwave right now, so it was hot, hot, hot.

But I’m so glad that I said yes to the invitation and went. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I’ve wanted to learn to ride a dirt bike and eventually a motorcycle for a while, and I was lucky to have a very kind and patient first teacher.

I can’t wait to go again!

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