Remembering Your Worth Changes Everything

September 20, 2021

Remembering your worth changes everything.

Things that used to hurt don’t anymore.

People that used to make you feel like garbage aren’t even a factor.

What caused you stress and spinout feels light as a feather.

Remembering your worth brings you home to the most authentic and magnificent parts of yourself.

Parts you lost along the way, in toxic situations and relationships or damaging systems that stripped you of who you were. Parts that make you the unique and special person that you are that got buried beneath all the muck.

The work of remembering your worth is incredibly challenging and tumultuous at times; I won’t lie. It strips you down to your very core, and as you peel each layer that needs to go away, there’s more grief than there’s joy.

But there’s a moment.

A subtle point in the process when things just… shift.

Suddenly you’re no longer gripped by the people and things that brought you grief. Suddenly you feel at peace, and all the voices trying to tilt you off your center seem a million miles away, just a faint echo fading away with the morning breeze.

That moment is worth all the heartache along the way.

Because that’s when you know you’ve raised your worth.

That’s when you know there’s nowhere to go but up, up, up in your sense of deservingness and the magic you’re capable of calling in and creating.

That’s when you become even more of who you’ve always been at your core.

Remembering your worth changes everything.

Only in the best of ways.

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