Stop Letting Others Tell You What Is and Isn’t Possible

March 1, 2018

Decide to play a different game. To untangle yourself from the mess of expectations and obligations that were never aligned with your heart and soul. Be willing to do the challenging and heartbreaking work of releasing yourself from the grip of patterns and beliefs that have kept you small. Choose, with every cell in your being, to create the life you were always meant to live. Leaving behind the safe, known, well trodden path that was never yours to walk.

And stop letting others tell you what is and isn’t possible… because they can’t see beyond the safe, secure, socially acceptable box they cling to.

I know what I want… in life and business, as well as in love (which is kind of amazing after these last few years). The important thing about this is: I don’t care who believes it’s possible or impossible, because no one outside of me gets a say or a vote. No one is the authority on these matters besides ME.

My word for this year is devotion, and I’ve been pouring myself into creating everything I desire. It’s been hard, soul stretching work… but it’s happening.

Because I keep choosing it. I keep facing forward and stepping into new ways of being. And I keep letting go of anything and everything that’s getting in the way… including my own small ways of thinking.

I keep doing the work.


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