The Marrow Is the Message

July 19, 2016

I’m going to write something super polarizing today. You’ll either love it, or you’ll hate it, and that’s okay. I’m still going to do it anyways.

Let’s talk about something we don’t like to talk about:
Religion. Belief. Spirituality. Faith.

I was raised and baptized in the Catholic church. I talk a lot about trust and faith and the power of surrender. I believe energy is everything and everything is energy. I read a wide variety of books, from varying people, backgrounds, religions, and faiths. I’ve read books on buddhism and books by Christian authors. I’ve had my chart read by well known astrologers. I own a tarot deck. I meditate and I pray. I worship in the church of Mother Earth to music that soothes my soul. I channel the divine in my writing, I play with gemstones, and I do yoga moves to open up chakras. I’m trained in several forms of energy work and different healing modalities. The Hindu Goddess Kali has been a huge guide in my life and work after coming to me in a dream. I work regularly with an amazing intuitive coach.

But, none of these facts actually matter. And if you can’t get past that paragraph and all the ways you disagree with what I’ve shared, you’re likely missing some important points in life.

All of the above is simply the bones.

The structure and format of the spiritual practices and education and experiences from my life. The tools and resources and communities that have held me, educated me, supported me, or pissed me off. The people and goddesses and guides who have appeared in my life to move me into what comes next.

The marrow is the message.

And if you spend too much time getting hung up on the bones and how they’re shaped or colored or who molded them into being, you can’t hear the message. The message is the only thing that really matters.

Whether you believe in God or the Universe or Buddha or energy or the flow of the seasons… you’re always being guided. And sometimes that guidance will come packaged in another faith or set of beliefs or culture or mythological story. Sometimes it comes in silly social media memes shared by people you barely know.

I truly believe one of the reasons I’ve created such powerful shifts in my life an work is because I’m always listening for the message. Not looking, because “looking” often equates to “forcing signs where there are no signs,” but truly, deeply listening. Being as open and loving and present as possible with everything and everyone that crosses my path. And inside that openness and presence I’m able to hear the tiny nuggets of wisdom that are meant to guide me.

The path to becoming who we are and stepping into the work we’re here to do is built with breadcrumbs, and the sooner we begin to open to the big wide world around us and all the ways the signs and wisdom and nuggets of guidance show up, the sooner we’re able to experience true fulfillment, passion, and joy.

So by all means, believe what you believe. Practice and serve and worship in all the ways that feel true to you. But start paying some attention to the messages that drop in from outside sources… and look deeper inside the bones.

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