There’s No Promise of a “Someday” Down the Line

June 25, 2021

I never want to stop living with a sense of urgency, loving fiercely and passionately, or connecting with other people on a deep, soul level.

Life is short, and there’s no promise of a “someday” down the line.

So are you really prioritizing the people and things you love like you might lose them tomorrow? Or are you planning to get to it another day after all the to-dos and obligations?

Yes, it can be a balancing act.

We could live long and healthy lives with all the time in the world, and we have to take care of our life. Bills and obligations and everything in between. But how often do you hinge your behaviors and priorities around the false sense of security that you’ll have time for things later? How frequently do you take what’s supposedly most important to you for granted, hoping it (or they) will still be there when all else is over and done?

You will only ever be this young again.
A long life is far from guaranteed.
People don’t wait to feel prioritized forever.
Someday isn’t a real time or place.

Give your all to what matters first, and the rest will sort itself out accordingly. Put your whole heart into everything you do. Make time for the people you love before they’re gone. Enjoy the things you’re waiting on right now or as quickly as you’re able.

Stop letting fear or a false sense of “having more time” hold you back.

And if you can’t seem to make the important people and things a priority, deepen into your healing and growth work. Self-sabotage is a beast and not something we can often see or move through on our own. Join me for Journey Mapping in July! Unpacking self-sabotage and subconscious strategies is a big piece of our work together.

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