There’s Nothing Wrong With You (Really!)

April 21, 2021

Most of my work is helping people understand who they really are and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Because we live in a world made up of systems designed to strip out what makes us unique and beautiful. Because these same systems are dehumanizing and damaging, but most people can’t even see it. Most people believe everything’s fine because “it’s just the way things are.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We don’t have to keep producing more people who feel damaged, broken, and unlovable for who they are—people who question their worth and never feel good enough to become the person they’re meant to be. We don’t have to keep teaching one another that what makes us unique is anything other than important and needed. That we’re weird, flawed, or inherently wrong, when really, what makes us different is our superpower. We don’t have to keep ending up in lives, relationships, and jobs that ask us to contort ourselves and distort our truth—making us sick, anxious, and depressed, killing us slowly.

We need skills, tools, and processes that promote healing and growth—that shift our mindset into a place of unlimited possibility no matter the circumstances. We need spaces that allow us to embrace who we are in all our perfectly imperfect glory, welcoming our truth, unique perspective, and vital ideas.

And we need to break free from everything—internally and externally—that’s holding us back from showing up fully expressed.

It’s not easy work, but it’s possible.

And it’s possible to make lasting transformation happen rapidly when we learn a new way of approaching obstacles and start taking an entirely different kind of action. When we reframe the “rules” for ourselves and stop falling in line with the systems that never considered us in the first place.

We need more people showing up fully expressed.

It’s the only way to truly transform this world.

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