Two Undeniable Lessons During This Season

February 3, 2022

A roadside photo of Mt. Sopris with snow on the peak.

Trust and surrender have been undeniable lessons during this season of my life.

And like the many big lessons before them, they were thrust upon me in ways I didn’t want (or didn’t think I wanted), at a timing and pace that left no room for avoidance.

While I can’t say I feel total steadiness around what’s next, I can say that I’m beginning to feel deep gratitude for all the shakeups life has brought these last several months in Colorado.

Everything is so different.
Internally and externally.

Everything is so challenging.
In wonderfully expansive ways.

Everything is about to shift even more.
At levels I’ve needed for a long, long time.

Three weeks until I load a truck and drive home to New Mexico.

Three weeks!!

Which suddenly feels all too soon after endless months of it feeling impossibly far away. Three weeks of intentionally closing out a chapter I’m so ready to leave behind in favor of beautiful new experiences, relationships, and highly anticipated changes to how I live my life. I’m so ready for it all (and utterly humbled in the best ways by the process of getting to where I am today).

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