Unique Marketing in Your Industry and Turning Experiments into Offerings

October 5, 2016

In this episode I talk with Matt Giovanisci, creator of Swim University and the rap genius behind the Hashtag Hustle music video! Matt is a former pool and spa care nerd who created the site to help owners around the world, going against the grain in his own industry. Matt also runs Roasty Coffee and Money Lab, where he turns experiments into actual offerings for fun.

Matt and I talk about how he taught himself to code his very first website and worked to build something profitable in an industry that was primarily “boring” with mostly brick and mortar stores. He poured everything he had into making it happen, including selling his car and moving in with his younger brother to reduce expenses. He talks about his biggest blocks and what it took to overcome those hurdles, as well as his biggest insights into breaking out of the box in your own industry. And to add a fun twist, we talk about why he decided to create his first rap video on pool care! 🙂

13925556_10209933531115739_8233767049802841543_oMatt Giovanisci is an entertaining entrepreneur, website wizard, podcast producer, music maker, video veteran, and alliteration addict. He builds brands with his bare hands. A website designer and developer skilled in HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. Matt likes using Photoshop, Illustrator, Coda, Premier, After Affects, Logic, and Reason to produce websites. (Logic and Reason are programs — that was not a joke). He’s released over 6 full-length music albums in 5 years, including rock, hip-hop, and dance.

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