What to Do When Life Transitions Feel Hard and Scary

February 17, 2021

Life transitions—good and bad—create change.

The problem is that change isn’t always easy to welcome, even if you’re the one who willingly started the transition.

If you’re dealing with a significant shift or transition that’s knocked the wind out of you, know that it’s completely normal to feel all sorts of hard and contradictory things.

Yes, even if it’s a positive, wanted life transition!

You may feel lost and like you no longer know or trust yourself. You may feel disoriented and scared about what’s coming next. You may feel grief and trepidation right alongside excitement and possibility.

At some points, you may even feel so overwhelmed with this new version of yourself and your life that you’d give everything to go back. You start doubting and questioning your choices and decisions.

In moments like this, look at the bigger picture.

Remind yourself that life is always shaping us, and we always have a choice in how we respond. Take it as the perfect opportunity to push your edges and create meaning that serves your highest good.

Find comfort in the fact that the fog will soon lift. As long as you keep leaning into what’s next—wanted and chosen or thrust upon you—the sooner you’ll begin to settle into it all. The more stable the ground will feel beneath your feet, and the more confident you’ll feel in your ability to navigate whatever’s coming down the pipe.

Keep facing forward, and you will come through this.


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