What Will Your Life Proclaim

February 7, 2019

I think the hardest part about living a life you’re proud of is knowing what that even means for you… and whether or not you’re working towards something YOU would be proud of, not just what others would consider worthy or important.

A few years ago I wrote a love letter to myself that was all about being braver and bolder with this one little life of mine. About showing up fully and living a legacy I could be proud to leave behind.

I was already pretty proud of the life I’d created. I’d overcome depression, uncovered my passions, built two successful businesses, was serving sweet souls all over the world through my work, had a beautiful community around me, and was on a path to healing from grief and ptsd.

But I knew in my bones it was time to step into more. I wanted to be able to say that I stopped simply teaching, but that I showed up to lead. More importantly, that I lead with my whole life, down to every choice and action. That I showed up braver and bolder than ever before… even if I was shaking in my boots, struggling to speak through the knot in my throat, and certain I was going to pass out as I did it.

This one life we have.

It’s short and oftentimes hard. It’s full of laughter, love, and tears. People come and go, and sometimes they leave with such force that we’re left in pieces. Sometimes they stay, and we learn what’s it’s like to have people who were meant to walk beside us. This life is challenging and it’s beautiful. It’s filled with amazing opportunities and experiences, often disguised as obstacles.

We often think about legacy as if it’s something to come… something that becomes relevant only after we’re gone. And while that’s true, every single day that we’re alive, we’re writing our legacy. We’re deciding what will be said about us when we’re gone, and what we’ll be able to say we’re most proud of on our death bed before we go. We’re deciding how our life will or will not inspire others. How we’ll be remembered and what impact we’ll have had during our short time here.

As Hannah Brencher writes, “today I try my hardest to live a life that might proclaim something loudly after I am gone.” What will your life proclaim? 💕

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