When Everything Changes Rapidly and Unexpectedly

October 26, 2021

Things change in life, and they can change rapidly.

This is a truth I’ve witnessed and experienced more times than I can count in my life, business, and relationships.

The summer and fall of this year have been seasons of massive, rapid changes.

For myself and so many around me.

I can’t wait to tell you the stories of this summer and fall and how they changed absolutely everything for me. How they brought me home to myself at a level I’ve rarely been able to reach, let alone maintain (and how gutting, beautiful, and intensely destructive that process was). I can’t wait to share the stories of how people and experiences fell into my lap that I could never have expected or anticipated if I’d tried, fully reflecting the higher self-worth I’ve learned to hold. But those are stories for my next book. Trust me, as I’ve really begun to live out that book’s ending, I can promise it’s going to be so good and so worth the wait!

But it’s not just me.

I’ve watched, listened, and held space for so many sweet souls trying to navigate the ever-changing landscape that comes with these times.

We’re only beginning to see the effects of many causes put into motion in prior years. And for business owners, many of us have been watching with trepidation as the landscape shifts and reconfigures as people leave their jobs in droves and start new businesses. While that can bring moments of serious frustration and fear, the truth is, it’s also ripe with possibility.

Things change in life, and they can change rapidly. There’s never a point in time where we’re ever truly safe and secure.

Natural disasters and global pandemics hit with ripple effects we’re only just beginning to understand. Industries change based on supply and demand, among a thousand other things. Life shapes us through trauma, loss, and transitions. Relationships end, communities evolve, and new experiences alter our trajectory.

And while we tend to focus on the challenging aspects of things changing, we don’t always remember that… we can change things in our lives, and we can change them rapidly.


At any time. Regardless of circumstance.

Never before has there been a time in my life that I’ve believed this more.

I’ve also never felt more certain in our creative powers as humans. I’ve never been more sure that we can attract and co-create some incredible things that are very easily deemed impossible based on what’s happening around us.

Personally, I took this season to experiment with the power of shifting our beliefs, adjusting our way of being, and tweaking how we engage with the world around us. The results have been remarkable, particularly with raising self-worth and building my trust muscle in forms that seem downright reckless and crazy at times.

We are powerful, brilliant creators. Truly.

But it’s not as simple as most people make it out to be. It’s not as easy as “think positive” and creating a pretty vision board of what you want. In fact, it’s profound, challenging, intense work to activate ourselves in this way because we have to face ourselves. We have to unpack our beliefs, process unresolved grief and trauma, and let go of the subconscious strategies that cause us to repeatedly self-sabotage at the first sign of discomfort or change. We have to push our edges and face the inevitable terror barrier that feels overwhelmingly hard.

That’s the path.

And this is the work I’m doing with my clients right now because it’s the key to true freedom. Freedom from stress, worry, and doubt. Freedom from living in fear and reacting to outside circumstances or feeling like life is out to get you, and you’ll never be in control. This is the key to creating what you desire, at any time.

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