There’s Nothing Wrong With You

October 19, 2021

There’s nothing wrong with you.

I know you think there is.

I know it feels like everyone else has it figured out.

Especially that certain something that seems to plague you.

Like how all your friends are getting married and having kids, and you can’t even seem to attract a decent date. Or all the fellow entrepreneurs in your circle are hitting that tipping point and getting epic opportunities, making six or seven figures, and having an endless waitlist of clients, all while you struggle to pay your bills.

Whatever it is you want, you can’t seem to get it.

And even if you get close, it always seems to escape your grip.

It’s confusing because you’re doing so well in other areas of your life. Whatever those areas are, you’re crushing it. You’re competent, successful, and everything seems to happen with far more ease.

But not this.

This seems impossible.

And you’re starting to wonder if something’s wrong with you.

I get it; I really do.

We all have something like this (or several somethings).

We all have areas of our life, work, or relationships where we excel, yet we can’t seem to make any progress on the things we deeply desire. Places we seem to endlessly self-sabotage or repeatedly miss the mark.

You may have even gotten support, be it therapy, coaching, books, or programs. You don’t understand why, despite that, nothing’s changed.

The truth is…

None of the things we do will work until we get our subconscious on board.

It’s not enough to know we self-sabotage; we have to understand why. We have to understand the mechanism at play that keeps us from creating the changes we desire. This mechanism ties to our core wounds, winning strategy, and subconscious programming—all of which have been running the show since we were itty bitty little things.

Our conscious mind (the ability to accept and reject information and ideas) doesn’t come online until about 5 – 7 years old. That means everything we learn and experience shapes our beliefs around what’s possible and impossible, and, in turn, we develop a strategy to stay safe, secure, and successful around what we think we’re capable of doing/being/having. That foundation of beliefs, patterns, strategies, and ways of being has run the show your entire life.

In some areas, it leads to great success and achievement.

In others, it’s actually what’s keeping us from having what we want.

This is mind-bendy stuff, to be sure.

But once you understand what’s at play on that deeper level, true freedom becomes rapidly accessible, and everything you desire shifts to be within reach.

So tell me, what feels impossible to you right now?

And are you aware of the deeper mechanisms at play that keeps it that way?

It’s not easy work, but I’ve perfected this process for my clients (and myself), and I would love to support you. I have two options to work on this together, depending on your goals and budget. Click here to book a free consultation with me now to see if working together is the right fit for you and your goals!

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