Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

October 12, 2021

Things aren’t always what they seem.

And the more we work to unpack our winning strategies and subconscious programming, the easier this is to see.

You don’t miss that person that hurts your heart; you’re just craving the known and familiar—a soft, comfortable place to rest and avoid the discomfort that comes from really leveling up.

The job or client that makes you miserable hasn’t gotten any better; you’re just afraid to make a significant change. You’re scared to let go of the false sense of security and don’t want to have to begin again.

You don’t suddenly love the town that feels stagnant and tired; you just don’t know if you have it in you to move. It would be easier if you loved where you are now, and you’re just trying to convince yourself you do.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

At first pass, it seems like we’re making conscious choices in response to how we feel, but we’re really being driven by our subconscious, which will do anything and everything it can to keep us in the known and familiar.

It will conjure feelings and emotional states to get us to miss and feel connected to people and things we’ve outgrown. It will serve only the best thoughts and memories about places and spaces that drag us down and drain our life force slowly but surely. It will make all that’s new and different feel cold, challenging, rife with struggle and hardship because, to the subconscious, change means certain death.

Its sole job is to keep us safe and alive.

And it takes that job very, very seriously.

So, no.

You don’t miss that person, the job or client hasn’t gotten any better, and you don’t suddenly love the town that feels stagnant and tired. You shouldn’t reach out or rekindle, stay the course and see if it improves, or convince yourself to be happy where you’re not. I know it feels like it’s true, but it’s not.

It’s simply your subconscious mind derailing you.

Knowing this takes heaps of self-awareness around our personality type and particular fixations. It requires understanding our core wounds and how they drive our every move. Seeing our winning strategy for what it is and how it comes into play when things feel impossible and overwhelming. It takes knowing our favorite ways of stopping—getting sick, exhaustion, taking on more commitments than we can handle, putting other people first, needing to clean or organize, and getting ready to get ready. Our subconscious wants us to believe the lie that what we need to move away from is something that’s okay, good, and healthy.

It’s none of those things; that’s why you had the thought or took the actions to create change in the first place.

Trust the you that got honest about what doesn’t feel aligned.
Trust the you that knows you deserve more and better.
Trust the you that did the work to let it go in the first place.

You’re just in a wobble, and that’s your subconscious at play.

Get support if you need it, but stay the course.

You will be happier and healthier for it, I promise. It will just be hard and disorienting at first. You’ll feel scared and uncomfortable, but that’s okay. It’s normal and to be expected with changes like this.

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