When Is Enough, Enough?

November 22, 2016

The last straw.

I used to hear that phrase thrown around so much that it felt like a thing people just say sometimes. Until the first time I heard someone say, “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” and it finally clicked for me.

The last straw is just a piece of straw, sure. On its own it’s probably almost weightless. Insignificant. Flimsy. Not much of a big deal. Until you set it on top of a pile of straw. Until you hear the crack, feeling the intense splitting of your back… your heart… your whole being.

I always thought the last straw was supposed to be hugely significant. I believed it looked like an oh-my-goodness-how-unbelievably-awful thing happened and that. was. it. But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s just a simple something that’s said or done, that on any other ordinary day might go mostly unnoticed.

But not today.

Today that simple something is everything. It’s everything you need to stop the wondering of, “when is enough, enough?” Because suddenly, without warning, that something simple lands on your heart in just the right, most god-awful way, and you know without a doubt… it’s enough.

And that was another big aha for me too…

If we’re still wondering, “when is enough, enough?” then we haven’t had enough yet. Having “enough” is unmistakably clear. It resonates inside of our bones and down to our core.

When you know, you know.
When it’s enough, it’s enough.

And when it’s “the last straw,” no matter how simple or how ridiculously theatrical, it’s the last straw. There isn’t anyone who can tell you otherwise. Because you feel it. The crack. The split. The break. The deep, deep knowing as it reverberates through every cell inside you. It’s the moment when things can no longer be how they were before… they can no longer remain the same.

I don’t know what you’re wondering about today.

Maybe it’s your relationship and the issues that seem to cycle endlessly. Maybe it’s the job that leaves you feeling drained and miserable. Maybe it’s that one friend that doesn’t actually understand what being a friend really looks like. Maybe it’s the low standard you set for yourself.

Whatever it is… if you’re still wondering, you haven’t had enough. Trust that. Because when you’ve had enough, you’re not going to be able to deny it. You might try to avoid it. You might try to use the power of your thoughts to change the truth… but you can’t deny it.

No matter how simple that final straw, you’ll feel the crack. And once we crack, we can’t just remain the same. Something has to give. No matter how much you wish it wouldn’t… something will give.

So, let it give.
Feel all the feels.
Let enough be enough.

Because when enough is finally enough, it means we’re finally ready to create something different. Something better. Something healthier. Something so fulfilling we’ll wonder how we ever spent so long wondering whether we’d had enough. Whether it was right. Whether we could have more.

Trust that you’ll know.
Because you will.

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