When the World Begins to Reconfigure Around Us

May 13, 2021

The air around me feels fresher, and the daylight hits differently.

How I experience myself in relation to other people and things has been altered, and new pathways in thought, belief, and being have opened.

This is a small taste of what it feels like when the world begins to reconfigure around us after big internal shifts.

The world becomes a different place because we’ve become a different person. How we now perceive everything allows things to become possible that weren’t before because not only can we see them, but we’re aligning with them. Not only are they within reach, but we have the internal fortitude and faith to act on them and move them into reality rapidly.

Our way of being in the world is the key to creating a clearing for what we desire, but it can’t be a “fake it til you make it” attitude. It’s being the person who has what we want right now—moving through and engaging with the world like them. Thinking their thoughts, holding their beliefs and values, and maintaining their mindset no matter what. Operating and acting from their context around what’s possible in this life.

Does that mean everything falls into place seamlessly and immediately? No.

But the world begins to reflect what we put out into it. That’s just the nature of our frequency-based universe and the power of mindset and perception.

It feels like magic at times.

But it still takes commitment and work.

What is it you desire right now?
And who’s the you that has it?

Start embodying that version of yourself today—fully, energetically, completely—and see how the world begins to reconfigure around you. Notice how different it feels and what opens up. And keep moving toward what you want regardless of external circumstances. Align with it as fully as you’re able, and trust the process as what you want begins to become inevitable.

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