You Can Just Trust Yourself, That’s Allowed

September 14, 2018

You can just trust yourself.

That’s allowed.

You don’t have to prove it to anyone, certainly not yourself. If you’re walking down a dark alley and every hair on your body stands up while everything in you says to run, would you keep walking anyways, just to prove yourself right that something bad is lurking around the corner?

And yet, in so many other areas of our lives, we don’t trust ourselves. We brush it off, give the benefit of the doubt, or let others convince us that it’s just a projection of old stuff.

At the start of every one of my long-term relationships, I knew why they were going to end. I knew why we weren’t a match and why it wasn’t going to work. It’s easy for people that don’t trust their own intuition to tell me that it was a self-fulfilling prophecy… and that my having the hit… the “thought”… is actually the reason they ended. But I spent YEARS fighting with everything in me to prove myself wrong. Years. Nearly 17 years of my life to be precise.

What if I was just right? 
What if my intuition was just accurate? 
What if sometimes we just know things?
What if we don’t have to prove it?
What if we trusted ourselves enough to listen?

Sometimes there are things we just know, even if we wish they weren’t true. We can just trust ourselves, that’s allowed… and nobody gets to take it from us just because they don’t understand or agree.

There are layers to experience and knowing and existing in this world. Intuition is one of those layers, and a powerful one at that.

You can just trust yourself. 
That’s allowed.

And you don’t need anyone’s permission or understanding.


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