You Decide the Aftermath

November 11, 2019

When life gives us more lemons than we could possibly handle…

When the light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere near to be seen…

When getting out of bed is the only victory for the day…

We like to tell ourselves that everything happens for a reason.

And I’m not saying it doesn’t… of course everything happens for a reason. But sometimes that reason isn’t divinely orchestrated or agreed upon. Sometimes it’s simply human.

Messy, hard, chaotic, and heartbreakingly human.

And honestly, whether or not it’s simply human or divinely inspired isn’t what matters. What matters is what you CHOOSE to do with whatever life’s thrown your way. Life isn’t happening to you… it’s happening around you, because of you, in spite of you… life is just happening, and we get to decide what meaning to assign it.

We’re always moving in one direction or another, and that means we’re always bumping up against other people and the choices they’re making in their own lives. Sometimes that’s beautiful and good, other times it’s not. That’s just life.

One thing we always have accessible to us is the ability to learn, shift, grow, and change… no matter what it is we’ve walked or are walking through. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or pretty, it just means that we have far more power to create what we desire than we allow ourselves to see.

Life is messy and hard, I know.
Oh my goodness how I know.

But one thing you can start doing TODAY to create changes… stop getting so fixated on why something has happened. Focus on feeling, moving through, learning from, and growing because of it. Life is always shaping us, but we’re the ones who decide who we’ll become in the aftermath.

What will you choose?

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