Your Feet Are Still on the Ground

August 3, 2017

Your feet are still on the ground.

And maybe you’re down there on the ground with them, but you’re still here. You can still make the choice to get back up, just one more time. You can still choose to write yourself into a different ending, one step, one day, one choice at a time. It’s not too late, and nothing is ever as far gone as it seems. And even when it is, there’s always something else just around the bend. Something new, something different, something better. Maybe that sounds horrible and annoying from where you are right now, but it’s true.

You’re still here.
You’re still needed.
You’re still capable.

Keep choosing it… over and over again.
No matter how many times you fall flat on your face.

The ones who have what you want to create… the ones who are thriving in the aftermath of the most challenging experiences… they got where they are because they chose it, even when it was the hardest thing to choose.


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