Around Here…

May 29, 2015


A ton has been happening around here…

I’ve been getting ready for my move to Boulder, which happens TODAY(!!!) thanks to the help of my amazing friends. Packing and purging, clearing and decluttering, and making space for the awesome new people, things, and experiences that await me in my new town. I’m beyond excited for this move, because I’m beyond exhausted by the constant commuting for friends and clients and networking. I’m ready to be home, and today’s the day.

I’ve been enjoying every non-rainy moment, after weeks of doom and gloom. I love thunderstorms, but I’ve missed the sun. This past weekend we were graced with its presence more than once. I headed up to the mountains to tear up some roads with my recently fixed up (and semi pepped up) car. Hiked Eldorado Canyon with a friend and scoped out the rocks that will take me on my first outdoor climb this summer. Walked and hit the swings at my favorite park with new friends. Played at dog parks with puppies and strolled along muddy trails.

I’ve been writing like my life depends on it, because I’m pretty certain it does. I haven’t been able to stop, and I’ve written so many stories I don’t even know what to do with them. Writing in coffee shops between errands and meetings, in the middle of the night, and on my phone while I wait in line at the grocery store. I’ve written some things that have left my closest friends speechless… things I’ve been urged to share. Things that have impact, and that expose me in a whole new way. Things that are beautiful and unsettling and completely raw.

I’ve been reconfiguring my business from the inside out, after having a huge moment of clarity around my work and message. Lots of things are changing, and everything’s becoming more deeply aligned. It’s exhausting and overwhelming, but amazing and exciting. It’s the next step, and there’s so much to do.

I’ve started working out with a good friend/personal trainer. Someone who’s really looking at how I can make my body work better and more efficiently, while also whipping me into my best shape ever. First we’re “re-jiggering” the parts that aren’t working like they should (which has made clumsy ol’ me highly unstable) so we can rebuild strength in the right ways. This should ensure I can run and climb and move well for as long as I desire, and look amazing while doing it.

I’ve finally begun to remember things and am able to put time in order. This was one of the harder physical aspects of grief for me these past several months, because being able to use my mind is pretty essential to the work I do. To life in general. I don’t know if it’s just the passing of time, the layers of healing, acupuncture, or the supplements my mom mailed me after I nearly broke down about it all… but something happened to cause a shift, and for that I’m incredibly grateful. One of the best parts has been the look of joy and pride on my closest friend’s faces as they celebrate with me when I remember something. Even the smallest thing. Because they know what a struggle this has been for me, and how it’s effected my life and my business. Grief is something else. I know I’m not done, but I’m oh so grateful to have a little bit of my mind back.

Around here I’m walking into a new chapter of my life and work and relationships with a whole lot of gratitude. I feel truly blessed to live this life, to share it with the amazing people around me, and to do the work I do.

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