There’s No Set Timeline

May 27, 2015

There’s no set timeline.

No set timeline for healing and recovering from the losses in this life.
No set timeline for reaching our goals and becoming “successful”.
No set timeline for loving deeply and meeting the right people.
No set timeline for discovering who we are and what we really want.
No set timeline for finding our passions and purpose.

There’s only this moment, and doing the best we can from the space we’re in. There’s only showing up fully and truthfully and vulnerably. There’s only intuition and trusting our gut, all while learning to lean into faith and surrender.

There’s only this step, and then the next.

Learning to let go of set timelines has created the biggest shifts in this life of mine. Because the one time that I strove to “stay on track” so I could be where I thought I should be, I ended up in the absolute wrong place, with the wrong people. I did everything exactly as I “should” have, more quickly than most, only to realize it wasn’t for me. Only to have to tear it all down and begin again.

All because I didn’t pause and check in with what felt true and right for me. I didn’t do what I felt pulled to do in my heart and soul, and instead followed a path that had been laid of for me by external and internal expectations.

There’s no point worrying about “where you are” in relation to “where you think you should be.” You’re EXACTLY where you need to be, going through EXACTLY what you need to be going through. All you have to do is stay present in this moment, tune into your intuition, and take the next step. You’ll get to where you’re meant to end up exactly when you’re meant to arrive.


This is your own unique and beautiful journey.

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