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July 17, 2014


This past week was spent in my favorite city of all (and my soon to be — in a year or so — home), Portland, OR for an event and time with an amazing friend.

I absolutely adore Portland, as well as this particular event. My time here is always expansive, eye-opening, inspiring, growth inducing, overwhelming in the best ways, and filled with new creative energy. This trip was full, but amazing.

My friend and I attended a 5K Fun Run on Friday morning and had an awesome view of the Portland sign and river. Then we attended the Great Namaste, a world record attempt for the largest yoga chain. Super fun and super hot. 🙂 After that, we hit up an amazing talk by Jonathan Fields about creating a revolution (best talk I’ve ever been to and worth the flight and event expense alone) and I was feeling beyond inspired. The weekend was filled with amazing talks and inspiring moments, many of which I’ll blog about soon.

After the weekend, I had a day to play alone where I went to coffee shops and delicious vegan dining spots. I wrote, relaxed, and recovered. Tuesday I had the awesome opportunity to go trail running for the first time ever and absolutely loved it. I have energizer bunny lungs down here and it’s awesome. 🙂 Wednesday we went to the coast, something I’ve wanted to do since my first trip in 2012. Amazing. I have never been so in love with mountains and forests like I am with Portland’s. They’re lush, flowering, full, and amazing. I felt like frolicking through the trees and rolling around in fields of wildflowers. For real.

Then there was the ocean. The ocean is my home and I’m happy simply to be in it’s presence. It was much colder than we expected (three former Hawaiian residents obviously dressed for the beach… not the Portland coast), but it was so much fun and I stilled managed to get a good solid sunburn.

I’m so grateful for this trip and for the adventures, inspiration and clarity it’s brought me. I also can’t wait to move here in a year! 🙂

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