Bittersweet Beauty

October 21, 2020

In our deepest, darkest hours, we start thinking more about the why and less about the when and how. More about our legacy and less about the things we’ve acquired. We focus more on the who over the where when it comes to how we spend our precious time.

That’s the bittersweet beauty of grief and trauma.

It’s going to hurt like hell, but it’s going to challenge you to think about everything you’ve never considered before.

What am I here for?
What’s my mission in life?
What’s the legacy I want to leave?
How do I make my time here worthwhile?

Can I use this—all of what I’ve walked and am walking through—for some greater good? Can I help another human to never go through what I’m going through? Can I contribute to the conversation in a new way? Can I live a more sustainable, impactful life?

This is the point where true transformation begins.

Your life’s probably never going to feel the same, but I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s going to be more memorable, more lively, and more extraordinary than you could’ve ever imagined!

Lean in.


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