There’s Wisdom In Your Resistance

October 20, 2020

When you tune into your resistance, you’ll find an emotion—the remnants of old trauma, unresolved grief, or debilitating fear.

Inside that emotion, you’ll find a story. A belief that’s embedded itself into your bones and vibrates throughout every cell.

While we all have fears that come from nothing in particular, those stories and their emotions have roots in reality for many of us.

We’re not anxious about a possibility that may never come to pass; we’re anxious and terrified because of the things that already have. We’re stuck in ‘learned helplessness’ from all the times we couldn’t protect ourselves or others from the horrors of this life. We’re frozen, paralyzed by the possibilities of what could go wrong based on what once did. Based on the things that turned us inside out once before.

We’re not afraid of the big unknowns or the potential pain points; we’re scared of similar outcomes to the things we’ve already lived through. We’re not sure we have the heart to do it again, even if all signs seem to say we’re safe and secure now.

We all have trauma embedded in our cells.⁣
We’ve all endured losses that still hurt our hearts.⁣
We’re all fighting against our deep, subconscious fears.

That’s why when we start going for more, different, or better, we find ways to stop ourselves. One way or another, we’ll find or create perfectly reasonable and justifiable reasons to stay where we are.

Because it feels safer, even if we want change.

We have to be willing to dig in more deeply.⁣
To unpack our old traumas and feel what must be felt.⁣
To push our edges and learn new ways of being.⁣
To heal our hearts.

We have to be willing to admit that maybe there’s more to the resistance than just being busy, distracted, or unsure how to proceed.

Feel more deeply into that resistance and see what’s there. It’s the key to freeing yourself and moving forward.


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