Infuse Your Brand with Some Personality Using This Simple Exercise

February 25, 2021

Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to have an army of loyal fans—while others fade into oblivion a mere year after launching?

The difference often hides in the brand, or better said, in the brand personality.

The brand personality is what your brand displays in public, the way your brand behaves with its audience, the foundation of the connection you build with your audience. Put most simply, it’s the character of your brand!

And savvy entrepreneurs know the brand personality isn’t something that just happens… you have to strategically craft it beforehand!

With that being said, here’s a simple exercise to help you infuse some personality into your brand!

Hold on – wasn’t branding something about the logo and the colors? I already have those!

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that the branding is done once you settle down for a color palette and a logo.

Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The color palette and the logo are only an expression of the brand, but the core of the brand (personality included) goes much, much deeper.

How to infuse your brand some personality.

Think of branding as building an imaginary persona. You have to assign all of the person’s qualities first!

Here’s an exercise that’s going to help you do just that.

Grab the largest piece of paper you can find and set an hour or so for this exercise. Don’t feel pressured to finish it in only an hour; just have the time at your disposal so you’re not rushing.

Start by drawing a person in the middle of the paper.

Yes, really! It doesn’t matter if you’re bad at drawing!

If your business was a person, what would they be like? What would they look like, feel like? Try to include as many details as possible, writing them around the drawing.

Let’s say, if you’re a coach working with postpartum moms, then maybe your persona would embody all of the qualities that make a person loving, caring, and warm. A big smile, casual clothing, etc.

On the other hand, if you’re a business coach, perhaps think along the lines of a favorite teacher/professor in a workspace setting. It’s entirely up to you!

Pro tip: Unless you’re building a personal brand, the persona you draw here doesn’t even have to be remotely like yourself!

What does this person want to achieve?

Or in other words, why is this person here? What’s the big change she/he wants to see in this world? If that person had a statement, what would that statement be?

Write it all in the top left corner. Feeling inspired to add something? Certainly do so!

What you’ve done now is basically the equivalent of defining a brand’s mission and vision. You’ve found your why.

However, while for some businesses that’s just another thing on the About page, attributing those statements to this character you’re building may make all the difference when it comes to personality.

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How does this person behave?

In the middle of the paper, list all the qualities and values that person may have. The way your brand “behaves” is the way you do business.

For instance, is that person honest and transparent? Is she always on time? Does she apologize when she makes a mistake? Make that person as real as possible, and even add a few quirks.

All of that is going to act as a compass once you’re out in the real world, running a business and making decisions. It’s just so much easier to do all of that once you know exactly who your brand is!

What makes this person unique?

Now, this is the real fun part, the part where you get to let your true brand’s personality shine through.

In the top right corner, list a minimum of 10 reasons why your business is different than the rest.

Perhaps it’s because your brand tells a fantastic story; perhaps it’s because you take the time to personally respond to every single message; perhaps it’s because you’ve created a super-targeted niche offer.

It’s completely up to you. In the end, all of this is what makes your brand unique!

Would you love to learn the art of infusing some personality into your brand – and much more?

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