Choose the Ending to Your Story

March 21, 2019

I learned who I was and what I was made of in the aftermath of grief and trauma. As I picked up the shattered pieces of myself… only the ones I wanted or was able to carry forward… and learned how to continue existing in this life without the pieces I’ll never see again.

I learned what it means to truly heal when you’re so broken you can barely function. I also learned how much healing can hurt, but how necessary it can be to break further than you already have in order to fully mend.

I learned how to be fiercely protective of my journey, my healing, myself. How to take a stand for the darkness, the tears, and the messy parts of life in a beautiful and empowering way. For myself and others.

I learned what it takes to claw your way back from a darkness that nearly consumes you. What it means to make the choice to come back, and how it often takes more than you ever knew you had to give.

I learned that it was up to me to choose how the story would end. And while I didn’t know the specifics of that ending, I knew my life and work weren’t going to look anything like they did before. Because I wasn’t the same person I was before. The foundation on which my entire life stood shifted in a single a moment… and the real work is taking that messy blend of lessons, wisdom, and gifts you never thought you’d feel grateful for and creating true change going forward.

In yourself.
In your life and relationships.
In your work.
In the world around us.

As we finally begin to rise up and come back from these journey’s we walk, what we do with all we’ve learned is what really counts… those moments where we decide if we’re going to grow beyond where we stood before, or if we’re going to try and settle back into the life we once had.

I’m glad I chose to not to settle back in… but to shake everything up instead. It was hard and heartbreaking, but oh so worth it in ways I’m still uncovering to this day.

What will you choose?

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