Is It Worth It?

March 20, 2019

Possibility is not a promise.
It’s a call to action.

Between where you stand now and where possibility becomes reality is a lot of hard work that may look nothing like you think it should. Work that requires you to take a good, hard, honest look at yourself and your patterns. To let go of the parts that cause you to continually play small. Work that asks you to make actual, lasting changes. To choose a new way of being. A new perspective. A new set of values and beliefs.

You have to decide if it’s worth that work.
A lot of the time, it absolutely is.
But, truth be told, sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s not worth changing who you are or learning a new way of being. Because sometimes, when you let go of an old possibility you held for yourself and your future, you see a whole new realm of possibility that takes your breath away. That feels more fully aligned with who you are at your core. That requires a set of choices you’re willing to make and a path you’re happy to walk.

Possibility is not a promise.
It’s a call to action.

YOU decide if it’s worth choosing.

If it is… take those actions, even if they’re not what you think they should be. Even when they’re hard. If it’s not… let it go. Fully and completely to create the space for a new possibility that’s truly aligned.

Possibility is not a promise.
Will you choose to take action?

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