Creating What You Want Requires Choice

September 4, 2020

Creating what you want—what feels impossible from where you stand now—requires conscious choice.

Every moment of every day.

Choosing not to fall prey to your favorite reasons for not doing what you need to do. It’s hard, I know… because they’re perfectly reasonable and justifiable. You have other priorities. You have to work and take care of the kids. You’re tired, overwhelmed, or burned out. Or you’re very busy with other seemingly important things.

But what do you really want?⁣
What matters most?

And more importantly, are you acting in such a way that you’re prioritizing the things you say you want over everything else? Because overwhelm, burnout, and distraction are some of the most common ways our subconscious gets us to stop and stay in what’s known and familiar. Yes, the feelings and experiences are valid and real. Yes, it looks and feels impossible to find time and space for all the things.

And yet, it’s not.

It’s about priorities.⁣
Conscious choice.⁣
Not letting yourself stop.⁣
Letting go of your “reasons.”⁣
Finding a way to make it happen.

It’s never going to be the right time. There’s never going to be a perfect day to start. There will always be distractions and obligations trying to crowd out what matters most. It will be hard. You’ll feel tired, and you’ll flail around a lot before you find your footing.

Keep committing anyway. Keep consciously choosing it, again and again. Keep acting in alignment with what you say you want, no matter how many times you fail or fall short. It’s the only way to create lasting transformation.


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