Feel It All Fully

September 4, 2020

The feelings we have aren’t always pleasant, to say the least.

Some of them are distressing.
Others are straight terrifying.
And some are just downright awful.

But do you know what’s even worse?
Trying to avoid feeling them.

Toxic positivity comes with too high of a price. They make us sick and stagnant. They keep us small. We think we’re just fine, but before we know it, all the emotions those “good vibes” attempted to plaster over begin manifesting in other ways.

Giving yourself permission to feel is one of the biggest forms of self-love.
So today, love yourself a little more by letting yourself feel.

Feel the good and the bad.
Feel the pain and the awfulness.
Feel the rage and fury.
Feel the frustration and angst.

Whatever’s there… feel it. Fully.

Don’t be scared of your feelings. Sure, some don’t feel as pleasant as others, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, hurt, scared, or angry.

Emotions are incredibly healthy, and every single one of them make us human. Most of the time, the feelings we’re avoiding don’t last very long if we’re willing to feel them fully and move them through.

So take a breath and feel them fully.


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