Growth Is Uncomfortable

September 2, 2020

Growth is uncomfortable and painful.
I know for many, that really makes no sense.

Why would growth be uncomfortable or painful?
Why would there be pain in becoming the best version of yourself?
Why would there be pain in living a life with intention?
Why would there be pain in serving others?

We like to romanticize growth and becoming… but growth is uncomfortable because it requires you to change, to speak your truth, to feel your feelings. It asks you to dive into the places and spaces you’ve worked so hard to avoid. To get honest with yourself at a level you never have before.

And you’ll quickly learn that your truth – and the real YOU that you’re here to be – isn’t always what those around you want or can handle.

So then, relationships shatter. Friendships break.
People change the way they act around you.

And yes, that hurts.

But the truth is, it’s more painful to try and squeeze yourself into places you no longer fit, with people who can’t fully see, hear, or meet you.

Let yourself grow and trust the process, even when it’s uncomfortable and painful. I promise, growth has this power to take you to the places and people you’ve been looking for all along.


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