How Your Mindset is Holding You Back (& What to Do About It)

September 1, 2020

Hustling for a while already, but the results are nowhere in sight?

If you’re doing everything right yet something’s obviously wrong, then before you doubt your business idea, I suggest you double-check your mindset and beliefs.

Your mindset is your most powerful business tool.

As counter intuitive as it sounds, success doesn’t work following the see-it-to-believe-it principle… actually, quite the opposite!

Here’s how your mindset may be holding you back and here’s what you can actually do about it!

You think money comes ONLY by working hard.

This is probably something you’ve heard a lot growing up: as long as you work hard and give your best, there’s always going to be a roof over your head and food on the table.

But even though this is genuinely good advice (that’s helped a lot of people build a strong work ethic!) it cements the belief that money comes from hard work ONLY.

And if you’ve managed to catch a whiff of entrepreneurship so far, then you know that’s not always true!

Change your belief: Money flows easily to me!

Working smart is the new working hard.

Long gone are the days when 14-hour shifts were considered productive. In fact, if you try and do just that, you’re soon going to realize just how unproductive you become! (hello, burnout!)

Instead, adopt a new mantra that celebrates the ease with which you attract money in your life!

Pro tip: Think outside the box. Passive income and long-term investments are just one of the ways a lot of people have built up their fortune recently!

You feel like you always have to be careful with money.

Let me ask you something: how do you feel when you receive a large check?

Excited, thrilled, motivated… or scared that the amount in your bank account will be gone soon?

If it’s the latter, then you’re unconsciously nurturing a scarcity mindset.

And let me just tell you, nothing good grows from scarcity – ever!

Adopt a new mantra: there’s always more where that came from!

Making the switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things you’ll ever do for yourself.

Wealth – not only financial but wealth in every area of your life – is not something that’s limited and finite. The source is unlimited and available to everyone that’s willing to ask for it.

You don’t think you’re worthy of success.

If you’re the first one in the family to start a business, then there’s the chance that somewhere on a deep, subconscious level, you’re not really convinced you deserve it all.

This is especially true if your family’s been struggling financially for generations or if the people in your closest environment never tried chasing a dream.   

Bust the money blocks!

There are tons of false money beliefs that may hold you stuck for years and even decades!

To bust the money blocks, I suggest starting with:

  • Giving yourself proof that your old beliefs are, in fact, untrue! For example – money is not the root of all evil. Seek billionaires who’ve donated millions of dollars and changed millions of lives!

  • Spending time on replacing the old with the new! You get to decide what wealth really looks like for you. Nowadays, being rich isn’t about owning a mansion but about greater flexibility and bigger control of your time.

Clearing your money blocks won’t only bring you a financial fortune but it’s going to help you create abundance in every area of your life.

All of this sounds just like the thoughts you’re having?

Change the way you think and change your life – click here to grab the Master Your Mindset Bundle and discover your true unlimited potential.

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