Discern Your Purpose and Do Your Work

April 8, 2020

It’s more important than ever.⁣..

Stepping into who you’re here to be and the work you’re here to do.

Uncovering your purpose and taking the steps to grow into it. Overriding the internal resistance or fear and having the confidence to contribute in the ways that only you can. Healing your unresolved grief and trauma to stop the generational cycles from continuing.

Just watch the news.⁣
Look at your social feeds.⁣
Listen to the heartache around you.⁣
See the suffering in your community.⁣
Acknowledge the struggle of the collective.

It’s more important than ever that you show up fully aligned and fully expressed.I know it’s scary. I know it feels impossible and overwhelming. I know you’re comfortable right where you are, even if you might be unhappy or unfulfilled.

I get it, I really do.

But we need you to show up.⁣
Now, more than ever.

Just lean into what calls to your soul a little bit more each day. Bring awareness to what causes are most heart-wrenching to you, where you feel most drawn and compelled to help. Show up a little bit more every day. Use your skills, talents, gifts, and knowledge to bring healing and wholeness where you can. Use your voice and take a stand for what you know to be right and true. Give back with whatever means you have… time, money, attention, a listening ear, hard work, etc.

It makes a difference, I promise you that. YOU make a difference… as long as you’re willing to show up, to step more fully into who you’re here to be and the work you’re here to do, and to do the things (big or small) you feel compelled to do in these hard and heartbreaking times.Purpose and contribution come in many forms. ⁣

Uncover yours and give yourself to it fully.⁣

We need you now.

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